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Appropriate for women’s weddings, beach outings, and various social gatherings, our mehndi stencils offer easy application suitable for all levels of expertise. They’re completely resistant to water, sweat, and are non-toxic, showcasing designs that stay vibrant for 3 to 10 days. Our diverse selection of floral patterns is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, concert, or simply embracing exotic body art. These versatile tattoo templates are perfect for pool parties and beach gatherings, lasting up to 5-8 days when combined with henna paste. Our Henna tattoo stencils ensure flawless temporary tattoos in just minutes, perfect for embellishing hands and other body parts and adding an extra touch of sophistication to festive celebrations.

Instructions: Before applying the stencil design, thoroughly wash and dry the hands. Fill the stencil with Samiya’s Creations Organic Henna Cone, allowing it to dry without any hand movement. After 4-8 hours, carefully peel off the dry henna, optionally using henna sealant tape for extended durability. Apply Samiya’s Creations Aftercare Balm and avoid using soap and water for 24 hours to preserve darker and longer-lasting colors. Henna tattoos typically last between 5-7-15 days, depending on the type of paste used, making them a versatile choice for weddings, Eid celebrations, leisure activities, hobbies, and parties.

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