Fresh Organic Henna Cone

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Natural Henna Cones made with 100% Pure, Natural, and Safe ingredients—no chemicals or preservatives. Each order is meticulously crafted for easy, smooth, and consistent flow. Our cone tip size is 0.45mm, perfect for creating pleasing designs, ideal for bridal henna and intricate designs.

Natural henna/mehndi cone is never black; it should not cause any irritation and only comes in one natural color.

Total cones: 1

Recommended with Samiya’s Creations Aftercare Oil or Aftercare Balm.

Please note: The henna cone is organic, fresh, and homemade. The resulting stain largely depends on body temperature, skin texture, and hormones.

Always perform a patch test 24 hours before use. If any irritation occurs, wash with water and seek medical advice. Follow the instruction card for proper storage and aftercare.


  • 100% Natural Rajasthani Henna Powder
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Essential Oil

Returns/Refund/Exchange Policy: Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna, Returns/Refund/Exchange cannot be accepted.

Thank you 🙂

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in

Large (40g), Medium (30g), Small (20g)

7 reviews for Fresh Organic Henna Cone

  1. Shaheen (verified owner)

    I got my cones right on time, and the stain is AH-MAZING! I just left it on for 10 mins, (because I was practicing with it) and I washed my hands several times (I’m a mom of 3) but still I got a pretty dark stain, I was so amazed! Definitely coming back to buy more!

  2. Divyanka

    The shipment was fast and the quality of the cones is very good for the price. The stain is beautiful. (the picture attached is after 5 days) I have sensitive skin, and this mehndi did not irritate it at all, since it is fully natural. The mehndi flows very nicely with little to no air bubbles in the cone. It also has a very nice, almost citrusy scent. The size is a little smaller than expected, but I should’ve seen the gram size before I bought it. This is the first time I’ve bought mehndi off Etsy, and I was not disappointed. For the price, quality, stain, and safety of the mehndi, I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you Samiya’s Creations!

  3. Reena

    excellent quality henna and very affordable. I love the smell and stain came out really nice. definitely gonna be a returning customer 😍😍😍

  4. Melissa Yoon

    Great henna! Loved the stain! Just what I was looking for :).

  5. Daphen Cassaro

    This henna was great!! We used it with our students. It came out beautifully.

  6. Namboos (verified owner)

    henna was a great gift for nieces ages 10-18! they loved it.

  7. Kehkasha

    Leveraged multiple products and services!!!
    Got my Eid Henna done at 3 in the morning. To avoid making a mess while sleeping, I got the Mefix Tape, unfortunately due to suhoor/sehri I had to take it out in an hour or so. I removed the tape and the design came off with it, eliminating the process of scrapping. I even washed my hands to perform wudu and applied the after care balm twice (different times) after I washed my hands for better color. Even after 4 days (Today) the color game is strong!! The products are completely organic and safe. I have even tried Organic Chocolate Face Pack Powder and it is also very nice and helped in tightening my skin. Thank you @samiyascreations and @hennabysamiya_group for this beautiful henna. Would definitely recommend the products and henna services specially if you have sensitive skin.

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