Henna Stencil Kit


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Henna Stencils Kit


  1. Henna Stencil – 1 piece
  2. 20g Samiya’s Creations Organic Henna Cone (size 5-6inch)
  3. Samiya’s Creations Aftercare balm

Depending on availability, you will receive the Henna Stencil random pick in this order. If you want any particular design, please contact us to check availability.


1. Wash the Hand area thoroughly and dry.

2. Apply The Stencil, draw the design, or fill the stencil with Samiya’s Creations Organic Henna Cone.

3. Leave on for 4 hours or more. The longer you leave the Henna on, the darker the color output.

4. Peel dry henna and Stencils.

5. Apply Samiya’s Creations Aftercare Oil or Aftercare Balm.

6. Avoid soap and water for 24 hours for darker and long-lasting colors.

Henna Tattoos usually last 5 to 15 days, depending on what kind of paste you’re using. It’s great for weddings, Eid, fun, hobby, and parties.

Returns/Refund/Exchange Policy:
Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna, Returns/Refund/Exchange cannot be accepted.

Shipping Recommended: Priority shipping.

**Please note that USPS is still experiencing unprecedented package volumes and worker shortages due to COVID-19, so delays can occur and are beyond our control! Priority Express is the only guaranteed 1–3 day shipping service if you need your henna for a special event. All other options are subject to occasional delays as per USPS, and shipping times at check-out are estimations only! Thank you.

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in


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