Plastic Henna Cone Pin – 1000 pins


Safeguard Your Henna Experience with Our Protective Henna Cone Pins!

These innovative plastic pins are designed to securely cap the sharp ends of your organic henna cones, henna tubes, or henna mehndi cones.

Peace of Mind for Every Application:

Enhanced Safety: These pins effectively cover the sharp tip of the henna cone, preventing accidental pricking or injury, making henna application kid-friendly and pregnancy-safe.

Leak-Proof Protection: The secure closure created by the pin helps prevent messy leaks and ensures controlled henna application.

Convenience on the Go: Keep your henna cones neatly capped and protected during storage or travel.

Bulk Pack for Lasting Value:

Each pack contains a whopping 1000 pins, providing a long-lasting supply for all your henna needs.

Dimensions of a Single Pin (without packaging):

Size: 0.64mm

Length: 1-1.5inch

Order your pack of Henna Cone Pins today and enjoy a safe and mess-free henna experience!

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1 in


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